The Positive Side of Private Capital

March 11, 2013 10:07 by Clayton Reeves in   //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

How many times during our most recent election did you hear something negative about private equity and/or the Romney affiliated Bain Capital group? Once a day? Once a commercial break? The fact is, PE, venture capital and private turnarounds have received a bad rap from the media and politicians in recent times.  Of course, the unemployment situation has a lot to do with this.  When people are out of work and they see someone like Bain optimizing a business by reducing US jobs, their first reaction is usually negative.  Of course it would be, and I understand that.

However, private capital/private equity isn't always a slash and burn, job destroying monster; sometimes a business needs private capital to grow or a new management team to guide them through a difficult period.  Private investment can drive growth, create jobs and stimulate a regional economy.  Many times, a local investor will have an interest in keeping jobs local or bringing jobs to their home state.  The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) recently released a report going through each state's specific private capital situation, and how those investments are helping those states.

Investigate the report here, and see the positive side of private capital.

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