CCCA Economic Dashboard: July 4, 2014

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Below is the CC Capital Advisors dashboard for July 4, 2014.  Please click HERE for a larger image. 

CCCA Economic Dashboard: June 6, 2014

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Attached is the CCCA economic dashboard as of June 6, 2014. [More]

CCCA Economic Dashboard: April 11th, 2014

Below is the CCCA economic dashboard as of April 11th, 2014. Click here to view a larger image.

CCCA Economic Dashboard: April 4th, 2014

Below is the CCCA economic dashboard as of April 4th, 2014. Click here to view a larger image.

CCCA Economic Dashboard: March 28th, 2014

Below is the CCCA economic dashboard as of March 28th, 2014. Click here to view a larger image.

Tech M&A Rises to 2000 Levels

As reported in the NYTimes DealBook, merger mania that gripped the world during the dot com bubble seems to be making a comeback. Fueled by Facebook's two big acquisitions, the dollar volume of tech deals is up 90 percent worldwide, to $65.2 billion, year over year, according to Thomson Reuters data. This is the highest it has been since the year 2000.  The ten biggest tech deals of the year all involve acquisitions of American companies, the biggest of which has been the purchase of WhatsApp for $19 billion. The WhatsApp acquisition is the fifth largest tech deal ever, according to Thomson Reuters. Technology is hot right now, and looks to be picking up steam. We've received more inquiries from technology companies this year than we typically do. Not everyone is excited about the tech boom, however. Castlight recently went public in an offering that defied traditional valuation metrics; the company's valuation soared to more than $3 billion on 2013 revenues of only $13 million. Yahoo! finance called it the worst IPO of the century. So, where does this leave the rest of the market? As with any bubble, everything is rosey until something pops. With the momentum tech has built so far this year, it wouldn't surprise us to see more large deals over the next 9 months of the year. However, if valuations continue to defy historical measurements and reality checks, watch out - the last time companies without profits were going public at incredible multiples (dot com bubble), the market correction was harsh and swift. Read the original article from NY Times DealBook here.

Despite Hurdles, Bitcoin Investing Continues: Circle Raises $17 Million in Series B Financing

As reported by, the rush to invest in Bitcoin companies continues. Circle Internet Financial, based in Boston, has said that it has closed a $17 million round of Series B financing from a group of investors. Their investors now include Breyer Capital, Accel Partners, General Catalyst Partners, Pantera Capital, the Bitcoin Opportunity Fund, and SecondMarket CEO and founder Barry Silbert. This continues a streak of investing into the digital currency, which has included $20 million in funding to Wences Casares for a bitcoin vault and wallet Xapo and $25 million into bitcoin wallet Coinbase.  “There are not a lot of credible companies building what we are, and we saw the opportunity to bulk up to bring bitcoin to the mainstream. We mean to get beyond the bunch of amateurs and enthusiasts that have dominated the early development of digital currency and make it easy for regular people to use," said Jeremy Allaire, Circle founder, chairman and CEO. Not bad for a company that considers their product to be a stored value card. Circle continues to focus on making online tools that allows customers to engage in safe, easy transactions. This will hopefully reduce much of the risk associated with bitcoin; last month Mt. Gox was forced to file for bankruptcy after half a billion of bitcoins was allegedly stolen from them by hackers. Read the full article here.

CCCA Economic Dashboard: March 21st, 2014

Below is the CCCA economic dashboard as of March 21st, 2014. Click here to view a larger image.

Nokia-Microsoft Deal Delayed

As reported by CNBC, Nokia has been forced to delay the completion of the sale of its phone business to Microsoft due to continued regulatory hurtles in Asia. Nokia stated that they expect the deal to close in April 2014, while previous guidance had stated an expected Q1 2014 close. In September 2013, Microsoft agreed to buy Nokia's phone business for $7.2 billion. However, after six months the deal has not closed, fueling concerns about whether the merger will ever come to fruition. Analysts believe the group may be forced to offer further concessions to Asian regulatory authorities, despite receiving approvals from both the European Commision and US Dept of Justice. Most likely, given the clout of these two companies, the deal will be pushed through and necessary changes made to satisfy all regulatory requirements. Read the entire article here.

KC Based Compass Minerals Makes $85 Million Acquisition

As reported in the Kansas City Business Journal, and as a way to boost its fertilizer business, Compass purchased Wolf Trax, Inc. of Winnepeg, MB, in an all cash deal for $85 million. Wolf Trax is a producer of micronutrients that are crucial in the coating process for dry fertilizer. The coating creates an efficient way to deliver nutrients such as boron and zinc. The purchase price would represent a 4.8x multiple on 2013 revenues. “Wolf Trax brand products are well recognized by fertilizer customers for the differentiated technology they bring to the application of micronutrients. This acquisition will position us for future growth with new products that serve a greater diversity of crops and geographies in a fast growing segment of the plant nutrition market," Compass CEO Fran Malecha said in a release. Read the entire article from the KCBJ here.

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