Nokia-Microsoft Deal Delayed

As reported by CNBC, Nokia has been forced to delay the completion of the sale of its phone business to Microsoft due to continued regulatory hurtles in Asia. Nokia stated that they expect the deal to close in April 2014, while previous guidance had stated an expected Q1 2014 close. In September 2013, Microsoft agreed to buy Nokia's phone business for $7.2 billion. However, after six months the deal has not closed, fueling concerns about whether the merger will ever come to fruition. Analysts believe the group may be forced to offer further concessions to Asian regulatory authorities, despite receiving approvals from both the European Commision and US Dept of Justice. Most likely, given the clout of these two companies, the deal will be pushed through and necessary changes made to satisfy all regulatory requirements. Read the entire article here.

Advanced Power Components Acquisition: A Sign of Things to Come

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, UK based Advanced Power Components has announced the completion of the acquisition of 25% of Invisible Systems Limited (ISL).  ISL provides cloud-based, end-to-end monitoring and control solutions which are designed to increase the energy efficiency within the built environment using its own battery powered, wireless communications technology.  This provides a quick, simple, non-obtrusive energy monitoring and control capability that is coveted in the power sector.  The technology is proven to enable average savings of between 15-30%, with an ROI between 12-18 months. Mr. Mark Robinson, the chief executive officer of APC, said during the release: "ISL's wireless technology and innovative approach to product development have created a product portfolio which offers clear commercial advantages on which we have no doubt that [we] ... can capitalize on both in the UK and internationally." The advent of wireless technology in the power sector is exciting for market participants.  As energy efficiency continues to increase, and efficient installations are augmented by microgrids and wireless solutions, expect companies like ISL to be considered buys for larger energy players.  All of these moves point to the increasing need of organizations to understand their energy consumption and carbon footprint to attempt to stay ahead of ever restrictive government regulations. Click here to read the entire article.

Telecom Industry Sees M&A Heating Up

July 16, 2013 09:42 by Clayton Reeves in M&A, Telecom  //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (0)
Earlier in June, there were several articles saying that telecom could be getting ready to see the biggest merger spree since 2006.  Here is a list of telecom acquisitions over the last two years.  In an article in the Kansas City Star yesterday, this school of thought was further supported. AT&T offered $1.2 billion to buy Leap Wireless International Inc., adding motivation for smaller competitors such as Sprint Corp. and Dish Network Corp. to bulk up through deals of their own.  Additionally, this offer could create a bidding war similar to what was seen with Clearwire when Sprint and Dish fought it out in a bidding battle.  Verizon may be inclined to up the bidding for Leap simply to make AT&T pay a higher multiple. Chetan Sharma, a wireless-industry analyst in Issaquah, Washington, said “Everyone below the top four is pretty much done [because of the looming consolidation], I don’t think they’ll exist beyond the next 18 months.”   Now that would be some transformational change in the telecom sphere. Read more here.

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