Wind Energy Headed for a Fall Regardless of Tax Policy

July 23, 2012 10:57 by Capital Advisors in Accounting & Tax, Renewables  //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (0)
Bill Opalka, | March 29, 2012 Senate Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure  “Even with an extension of a tax credit for wind development, installations will fall precipitously in 2013, a renewable energy investment expert told a Senate committee. A... [More]

Analysis: EPA Rule a New Setback for New Coal Plants

July 23, 2012 10:54 by Capital Advisors in Regulation  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
Reuters | March 28, 2012 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced on Tuesday it planned to set new rules that would limit new power plants' CO2 emissions, the first move by the world's largest economy to regulate the gas blamed for contributing to global warming. On March 29, 2012 Fitch ... [More]

Vermont Electric Coop Starts an Energy and Environmental Management Project

July 23, 2012 10:51 by Capital Advisors in Cooperatives  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0) | March 26, 2012 Vermont Electric Coop is working with Kilawatt Technologies to start an Energy and Environmental project.  As reported by, “A few advantages of Kilawatt’s program that will be realized by Vermont Electric Coop include: 1)  &... [More]

Measuring What Matters: Using Dashboards

July 23, 2012 10:34 by Capital Advisors in Economy  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
David Patterson Dashboards have long been a tool used by management to aggregate and organize data from various sources.  They allow managers to see a “snapshot” of their company’s performance. CFO magazine recently published an article about the expanding use of dashboards. ... [More]

Wind Power Faces Taxing Headwind

July 19, 2012 08:40 by Capital Advisors in Accounting & Tax, Renewables  //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (0)
Renewal of the tax credits for wind is caught in the political crossfire and the future will likely not be known until after the November presidential election and has some contemplating layoffs.  Read More:

Regional Utilities Looking for New Electricity Market

July 19, 2012 08:37 by Capital Advisors in Energy  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)
The Southwest Power Pool is looking to build a new marketplace for electricity in the region, giving customers access to the cheapest power available. However, creating centralized dispatch may be the most important aspect of the new market, allowing each utility to benefit from a broader selection ... [More]

Proposed Legislation on How Electric Coops Make Decisions

July 19, 2012 08:35 by Bill Conway in Cooperatives, Financing, Regulation  //  Tags: , , , ,   //   Comments (0)
The draft legislation including the disclosure of power demand / load and forecasting information at the distribution level and requiring a G&T to secure approval from two-thirds of its members prior to entering into debt or energy contracts seem to be in line with what a cooperatives board role... [More]

Energy Information Administration released its Residential Energy Consumption Survey

June 29, 2012 13:27 by David Patterson in Energy  //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (0)
“Total United States energy consumption in homes has remained relatively stable for many years as increased energy efficiency has offset the increase in the number and average size of housing units," according to the newly released data from the Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS). Th... [More]

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